Formal price quote

The formal price quote is a PDF file that I send clients after they have generated a quote online through this web site. The formal price quote contains all the terms and conditions applicable to the job, including the following:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Definitions
  • Expiration of the quote
  • Acceptance of quotes and purchase orders
  • Fees
  • Discounts
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Credit
  • Quality guarantee
  • On-time guarantee
  • Notice of defects
  • Limitations on guarantees
  • Limitations on refunds or discounts
  • Limitations on liability
  • Excusable delays
  • Early cancellation
  • Confidentiality
  • Discount for TM segments
  • Ownership of the TM file and TM segments
  • Ownership of the TM file
  • Ownership of terminology
  • Ownership of other intellectual property
  • Validity of agreements
  • Governing law/jurisdiction

How many price quotes can a client generate per day?

You can generate as many as you want, but to ensure that the turnaround time for each quote is accurate, wait for me to receive and approve each quote before you generate new ones.

Why is signing this document so important?

The formal price quote is a work-for-hire agreement. By law, unless the translator, writer or editor has signed an explicit work-for-hire agreement (whether electronically or otherwise), ownership of the resulting work automatically defaults to the translator, writer or editor. So the sections of the formal price quote that govern ownership of intellectual property and establish the work-for-hire relationship protect clients' ownership of the work we produce for them.

Even if you choose another service provider, be sure to get a signed work-for-hire agreement, because without it, the work you pay for (even if it's a derivative work, such as a translation) is not legally yours.