Compliance statement

ISO 5776

  • Compliance Statement number: AAN-CS-003
  • Issued by: AA Nuncio LLC
  • Date: July 13, 2007
  • Contact details: Contact page
  • Subject of statement: Proofreading symbols

The above process meets the following requirements:

  • Standard number: ISO 5776
  • Title: Graphic technology — Symbols for text correction
  • Date issued: September, 2004


  • The following restrictions relate to the validity of this compliance statement: N/A.
  • AA Nuncio hereby declares that its work as a translation service provider is materially compliant with ISO 5776, Graphic technology — Symbols for text correction, except as noted in the previous section.
  • This Compliance Statement is a voluntary statement and shall not be construed as a certification or endorsement by any third party of the process described above.