AA Nuncio offers two guarantees:

  • Quality guarantee. AA Nuncio guarantees that the target document will comply with all of the specifications in the quote.

AA Nuncio creates detailed specifications as part of a quality assurance process. This gives us and our clients an objective yardstick for measuring the quality of the service.

  • Punctuality guarantee. AA Nuncio guarantees that it will deliver the target document to the client on the date and time established in the quote (the “delivery date”).

There are two types of punctuality guarantee:

  • Progressive discount. AA Nuncio will apply a progressive discount for any target document that it delivers after the delivery date. AA Nuncio will apply this discount based on the delay time, which is defined as the amount of time elapsed after the delivery date divided by the total service time (as defined in the quote). This figure is expressed as a percentage. More »
  • Drop-dead discount.If the client opts for the drop-dead option and AA Nuncio fails to deliver the target document by the delivery date, AA Nuncio will cancel the service, so that the delivery of the target document and any payment owed by the client pursuant to the quote will be canceled and extinguished automatically. We recommend this second option for jobs where the target document would be useless to the client if the supplier were to deliver it after the delivery date, as is sometimes the case with legal documents.