Text capture policy

Description of the service

We offer clients a text capture service to convert documents that are only available on paper or in an audio or video format to an electronic text format (MS Word).

Applicable standard


Documentation requirements

Administrative documents: 1) Approved quotation and/or purchase order and/or service cancellation notice; 2) upon delivery of the target document, a completion report with final billing (pursuant to the approved quotation or service order).

Target document: A single file in Microsoft Word format (.doc).

Other deliverables: N/A.

Source document

Because the quality of the target document is a function of the quality of the source document, we encourage clients to ensure that the documents they submit for text capture is as legible as possible.

NOTE: Unless the client requests that we return the source document, the person responsible for text capture (the “data entry worker”) must destroy the source document by shredding it (if the document is paper) or deleting the electronic files once the client has

Ideally, the data entry worker should have direct contact with the client.

Target document

Format: The data entry worker will deliver the target document to the client and editor-in-chief in a single Microsoft Word file (.doc) with appropriate Word styles for all structural elements (headers, footers, titles, and so on) and standard fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. The data entry worker must ensure that italics, bold lettering and underlining are the same in the source document and target document, but must not use any other decorative styles (such as highlighting). Paragraphs will be organized in a single column with no blank paragraphs. In general, the target document should resemble the source document, but the data entry worker must keep the amount of design work to an absolute minimum.

Typography: The data entry worker must use appropriate typographic symbols (as specified in the Unicode standard).

Numbers: If possible, the data entry worker must highlight all numbers in the source document and run a macro to highlight all numbers in the target document in order to check numbers in the target document against those in the source document in a systematic manner. The data entry worker must remove the highlighting in the target document before delivering it.

Illegible text or images: The data entry person will indicate text or an image that is utterly illegible by writing “illegible text” or “illegible images” in brackets; and will indicate text or an image that is partially legible by writing “unclear text” or “unclear image” between brackets in approximately the place where the illegible or partially legible image or text appears in the text. The data entry worker will write the illegible or unclear text or image tag in the language of the document.

Illustrations: Unless the client indicates no need to convert text in illustrations to selectable text, the data entry worker must convert text in illustrations.

Peer review/expert review

No peer review or expert review is available for this service. However, the editor-in-chief is responsible for reviewing the target text.