Compliance statement

prEN 15038 (Draft)

  • Compliance Statement number: AAN-CS-001
  • Issued by: AA Nuncio LLC
  • Date: July 14, 2005
  • Contact details: Contact page
  • Subject of statement: Translation process

The above process meets the following requirements:

  • Standard number: prEN 15038 (Draft)
  • Title: Proposed European Standard for Translation Agencies
  • Date issued: September, 2004


  • The following restrictions relate to the validity of this compliance statement:
    • The above-cited standard seems to require that all translation service providers shall ensure that the translation service product is revised by a reviser who is a person other than the translator. If this is true under all circumstances, my service will not comply with the standard in this regard when I am hired by another translation service provider or when the client does not require that I ensure revision by a third party.
    • The above-cited standard seems to require that the translator analyse the source text to anticipate possible translation problems and difficulties after the Enquiry and Quotation phases but before the Translation phase. The standard does not specify whether the translation service provider needs to document this analysis and, if so, whether the analysis document can or must be a deliverable. If the analysis document is a deliverable that must be completed before the translation begins, my service will not comply with the standard in this regard unless the client specifically requests to receive the analysis before I begin the translation.
  • AA Nuncio hereby declares that its work as a translation service provider is materially compliant with prEN 15038, European Standard for Translation Agencies, except as noted in the previous section. This Compliance Statement is a voluntary statement and shall not be construed as a certification or endorsement by any third party of the process described above.